Most streets and parking lots are pay and display and you have to use the ticket-machines, which take money and/or credit cards.
You can also find free parking at some streets around the hotel, for example in Lokastigur or around the Hallgrimskirkja.


If you wish, that we assist you by booking a tour (of course free of charge), we can do this upon your arrival.

But in main seasons, we recommend to book them early as the tours might be fully booked when you arrive.

Luggage- Storage:

2 of them are close to us. One in Laugavegur 40 and one at the BSI.


Next door is a store where you can find everything you need. It’s open 24/7.

On the way downtown you can find regular supermarkets, in the old-harbour-area as well.

Weather- information:

Information about roadconditions:


the next ATM is 2 steps away, you can find a bank downtown (15 min walk), what is open Mo- Fr.

Sending postcards:

one red box is on the back of a bookstore in our street, you can find the postoffice downtown, close to the bank with the same opening hours

Public toilets:

There are a lot of (green round) public toilets in town and close to the main attractions are many restrooms. Save your 100-Krona-pieces, you will need them there (or a credit card)

Food and drink:

We recommend that you use search-engines to locate what fits best to you. Its not easy to recommend restaurants because they are all special and individual. The same with bars.